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Diabetic Eye Exam

What is a Diabetic Eye Exam and why is it important?

Vascular conditions such as diabetes can have major effects on the health of our eyes. Not only does diabetes affect the blood vessels in our body, but it affects the blood vessels inside of our eye (retina) as well! Increased glucose/sugar levels in the body from diabetes can cause the blood vessels in the back of our eye to become leaky and bleeding of the retina can occur. High glucose/sugar levels from diabetes can also cause our vision to fluctuate. Early stages of diabetic retinopathy can occur with blurred vision or no visual symptoms at all. If left untreated, diabetic retinopathy can worsen and cause loss of vision. It is important to get a diabetic eye exam at least once a year so that any abnormalities in the eye can be diagnosed properly and treated early!

Our eyes can tell us a lot about our overall health!

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